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30 June: Traded Fan07, Romaantiqua10/19 and Strength08 to Lex for After01, Witch03, Hamster15 and Lost08. Traded Apprentice20, Counselor11, Emperor13, Eternal14, Paternal17, Roseprince01, Silhouettes16, Snail01, Sogeking10, Theend04 and Uranus09 to Arianne for Avarice12, Doctor04, Drugs06, Dullahan10, Gsleague10, Isshu17, Keyblade04, Library10, Math12, Memorized02 and Shinsou03. Traded Blackcat17, Misandry18 and Stealth16 to Ka-chan for Witch02, Rebel18 and Zero14. Traded Enforcer07 to Chikky for Hamster07. Mastered Boxer. Finished Monochrome Portfolio 01. Got Promise13, Temper03, Witch05 and an orange crayon for mastering Boxer. Got Trailblazer19, Rouge20, Mechanic03, Hime13, a yellow, two purple and a brown crayon for finishing Monochrome Portfolio 01. Took Comedy15, Gambling15 and Pink04 from Release 34. Used Generation04 and Headbutler01 in Kyuubey's Information Exchange 53. Won Fish03, Blessed05, Athena04 and Cynical12 in Kyuubey's Information Exchange 53. Traded Cavalry20, Cheerfil08 and Chivalry01/11 to Ouji for Drums20, Library13, Rebel14 and Submit14. Won Miracle09, Darksun02 and Cyber10 in Scrapbook 54. Traded Bullfighter20 to Kristi for Hamster11. Traded Macaroon11 to Lucathia for Sin01. Traded Akagami02 to Makoto for After19. Traded Sensible17 and Wired16 to Kikai for Drums 18 and Fashion19. Traded Duck01/03 to Senren for Clueless18 and Fashion11. Traded Diligent08 to Emma for Junes01. Traded Fuukan02 and Mahime18 to Rachel for Fashion07/09. Reached a new level - Blueberry. Got Raven03, Arrogant03, Disqualified19, Witch05 and an orange crayon for reaching Blueberry. Got Hamster16 and Lost16 from Raven. Traded in Chat07, Child10, Chozo12, Cockroaches19, Cry01, Dreadlocks18, Kunst01, Lazy16, Loyalty05, Marry06, Ramble08 and Room01 for After10, Clueless16 and Witch06/19 in Art Studio. Traded Busted02/07, Gekko12, Icebeam19, Kailu13, Mateba13, Muga01, Ore-sama12 and Touchthis17 to Aru for Hamster08, Lost15, Hyper17, Four07, Masamune19, Myths02, Oranges03, Submit12 and Arcana05. Won Trigger08, Eyelashes08 and Carefree17 in Quilting 38. Won Daifuku02, Citro02, Softball03, Heavyarms01 and Curator18 in Pick a Color 64. Traded Wish20 to Eri for Acrophobia08. Won Varna20, Marchhare11 and Henshin01 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 120. Won Tortured06 and Kimono16 in Art Lessons with Rukia 137. Won Odinsword16 and Cubes16 in Art Lessons With Rukia 138. Won Apostole03, Comnet18, Virginbride18, Singer05, Bleep08, Gamevil04, Tenseiga11 and Motherly16 in Reading Between the Lines 66. Won Cannon02, Text09 and Sensible03 in Reading Between the Lines 67. Got Cuter03, Project10, Candy09 and a brown crayon for donating a deck - Comedy. Got Cancer02, Stars07, Hopeless07 and a gray crayon for donating a deck - Gambling. Won Flask15 and Unison01 in Conan's Clues 120. Used Achoo10, Aikido02/09, Bear07, Bond06 in Lottery 29. Won Porn18, Reactions16, Ultima09, Hysteria20 and Grand Prize in Lottery 29. Used Advisor20, Bakeneko09, Exorcist04, Faithful15, Foxmagic03, Secret01, Amiable11, Caution02, Halberd09 and Resolute17 in Pot of Gold 28. Won Cgi17, Hyperion01, Alone09, Porn05, Fighter08, Wild19, Takeover14, Raven10, Hyakka07, Jellyfish16, Shinen01, Delete19, Theatrucak11, Muga08, West16 and Veda09 in Pot of Gold 28. Won Bleep20, Furniture13, Gatekeeper18 and Pizzicato10 in Pick a Color 65. Won Sea18, Chiefmaid02 and Blame10 in Quilting 39. Won Despair10 in Miaria and Isaac's Costume Party 120. Won Keyhole15, Japan09 and Blackbird02 in Pokeradar 129. Won Ignored11 and Almighty16 in Conan's Clues 129. Won Optimist03, Stapler02 and Insecure17 in Seiyuu Guess 119. Won Anko09 and Tanabata20 in Guess the Color 132. Won Whirlwind03 and Council09 in Host Club Giveaway 66. Got Un-sorcerer17, Railgun09, Melchsee18 and a green crayon for donating a deck - Hamelin. Got Siva04, Viola17, Mobile19 and a gray crayon for donating a deck - Peppy. Got Gambling19, Dresses10, Guard10 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Government. Got Kendama01, Curemarch02, Horoscope06 and an orange crayon for donating a deck - Disciplinary. Traded Babylon16, Chocobo02, Bondage08/16, Dog20, Eyeshadow04/16, Feathers20, Hostess19, Kita02, Madao13, Oceanwave10, One06, Taurus17, Tease13 to Remus for Fashion09, Flame01/02/04/07, Junes02/11, Oracle03/06/17, Orpheus07/17, Uncle10, Arcana01 and Tartarus15. Traded Indifferent15 and a green crayon to Dialny for Gsleague17 and a red crayon. Got Comedy03 in Anniversary Day 03. Got Sohcahtoa04 in Anniversary Day 06. Got Comedy07 in Anniversary Day 07. Got Fashion15 in Anniversary Day 08. Won Cure02, Blue20 and Celebration05 in Anniversary Day 05. Got Junes08 and Steak08 in Anniversary Day 08. Got Disciplinary13 and Celebration12 in Anniversary Day 12. Got Tartarus08 in Anniversary Day 14. Got Jet01 in Anniversary Day 16. Got Steak13 and Junes13 in Anniversary Day 19.
1 July: Got Grandkid20, Comrades18 and Celebration01 in Anniversary Day 01. Got Celebration08 in Anniversary Day 08. Got Celebration11 and a blue crayon in Anniversary Day 11. Got Pluses03, Profit05 and Celebration18 in Anniversary Day 18. Got Celebration20 in Anniversary Day 20. Traded Tsunshun01 to Ankari for Izanagi17. Traded Athena04, Chain17, Disqualified19, Evolver20 and Singer05 to Charlotte for Government04, Drums02, Keyblade08, Math05 and Oranges10. Traded Fashion09 and Steak05 to Manda for Ember01 and Otoko19. Traded Bishi03 to Delitan for Hypnosis15. Got Sin16/18/19 from Arianne as a gift. Traded Dance18 to Silas for Origin01. Traded Elemental10, Softball02 and Unwritten12 to Ruriair for Gambling17, Broomstick06 and Silhouettes19. Traded Arrogant08 and Selfless18 to Lily for Caution13 and Starhealer02. Traded Blackbird02 and Blackrose02 to Lycoris for Gergo02 and Stapler19. Gifted Protect06 to Lycoris. Traded Mortician08 to Nayami for Speaking04. Traded Pomegranate13, Feather19 and Foxmagic16 to Allmia for Boots16, Queen16 and Warfare04. Traded Courage14/19 to Oni for Dragonrage16 and Systems17. Traded Horoscope06, Jokes15 and Yamato01 to Ten for Isshu08, Ambidex12 and Watergun20.
2 July: Traded Castle06 and Engaged07/18 to True Blue Spark for Cousin06 and Izanagi08/19. Gifted Chozo11 to True Blue Spark. Traded Corpses06, Driving14 and Risotto16 to Ten for Anchor16, Dullahan12 and Jet14. Gifted Avenge02 to Ten. Traded Galaxy09 to Melissa for Memorized10. Traded Henshin01 and Tanabata20 to Ankari for Oranges19 and Watergun02. Got Hamster20, Gambling20 and Celebration17 in Anniversary Day 17. Got Celebration07 in Anniversary Day 07. Got Celebration02 in Anniversary Day 02. Traded Pulse03 to Michelle for Suit13.
9 July: Took Swearing01, Fulcrum04, Blooming10, Fleur06, Secretary07, Blaze02, Impatient20, Kasshin03 and Detectives08 from Release 39. Traded Blaze02 to Netbug for Swearing06. Won Oldest12 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 151. Won Studybug02 and World-class08 in Pokeradar 151. Traded Magic05 to Kristobal for Celebration19. Traded Fleur06 to Lycoris for Swearing04. Traded Salamander16 to Ayla for Swearing11. Traded Seychelles05 to Muri for Swearing12. Traded Impatient20 to Dialny for Swearing07. Traded Porn18 to Ten for Swearing13. Got Celebration06 in Anniversary Day 6. Got Exsphere15, Widow18, Celebration04 and a purple crayon in Anniversary Day 4. Got Clumsy02, Valkyria12 and Celebration10 in Anniversary Day 10. Got Celebration14 in Anniversary Day 14. Got Celebration16 in Anniversary Day 16. Got Celebration03 in Anniversary Day 3. Got Celebration09 in Anniversary Day 9. Got Exchanger06, Van18 and Celebration13 in Anniversary Day 13. Traded an orange, a yellow, a green, a blue and a brown crayon in Art Shop for Zeus14, Kirakira07, Unicolyon20, Become14 and Regain09. Traded Regain09 to Howl for American18. Traded Become14 to Heather for Personality16. Traded Delete19, Kirakira07, Knowledge02, Unicolyon20 and Zeus14 to Aletha for Hero11, Library07/11, Swearing10 and Tartarus20. Traded Fulcrum04 to Rozen for Swearing02. Traded Secretary07 to Gigi for Swearing05. Traded Kasshin03 to Sammich for Swearing08. Traded Blooming10 to Jex for Swearing03. Traded Demonqueen16 and Guns05 to Jane for Masamune03/11. Traded Apostle03 to Celi for Comedy16. Traded Gretel13, Raven03 and Unwavering09 to Aaron for Tune01/09/11. Traded Ditz19 to Aave for Gsleague15. Traded Automail20 and Clowndrop01 to Nea for Feiris07 and Feminine11. Traded Tauburn10 to Lily for Aerialace13. Traded Crossdress01 to Ankari for Comedy02. Took Anchor09, Channel01/02/03/05/07, Comedy04, Hyourinmaru19, Library14 and Masamune06 from Recycled Art.
10 July: Traded Erokappa09 and Ousaka02 to Floor for Shinsou18 and Bakeneko11. Traded Xiv05 to Astral for Swearing09. Gifted Bakeneko11, Boots16, Broomstick06, Cynical12, Jellyfish16, Pluses03 and Queen16 to Arianne.
11 July: Traded Crossdress15 to Ankari for Math06.
14 July: Traded Systems17 and Toran07 to Arianne for Swearing19/20. Traded Tsukihime03 to Christy for Anchor20. Traded Strength05 to Floor for Shinsou20. Traded Ooparts09 to Ruriair for Tune19. Traded Explosives18 to Rein for Scars13. Traded Bigpuppy08, Clumsy02, Hadome07, Human08 and Information02 to Makoto for Aerialace14, Gambling05, Labcoat14/20 and Origin17.
22 July: Won Blacklynx08, Defender07 and Ugly13 in Quilting 49. Won Dattebane20, Magi10 and Manga09 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 152. Took Channel08/09/10/11/12/13 and Daru04/07/08/09 from Recycled Art. Won Masamune16 and Drill19 in Conan's Clues 152. Traded Prosthetic01, Sensei03, Tomboyish14 and Touchthis04 to Aru for Drugs19, Dovernment01, Ordinary10 and Tactless03. Traded Tortured06 to Fumika for Suit01. Traded Blacklynx08 to Francy for Disciplinary16. Traded Nude05 to Ankari for Oranges20. Traded Stigma05 to Katie for Tenshi06.
23 July: Gifted Nude09 to Ankari. Traded Energetic03 and Nonchalant12 to Shannon (T) for Earthquake20 and Scientific16. Traded Deathscythe20, Hyakka08, Shades02 and Zelda16 to Jane for Comedy12, Four20, Gambling12 and Hamster19. Traded Drill19 and Trigger08 to Astral for Basketballs10 and Celebration15.
24 July: Took Channel14/15/17/18/19/20 and Fuhrer07/19 from Recycled Art. Gifted Ordinary10 to Duo. Traded Unrequited11 to Michelle for Math08. Traded Magi10 to Lily for Futon17.
27 July: Won Ladiesman18, Rollout01 and Biscuit18 in Neku's Music Station 154. Won Lupan16 and Heybo05 in Conan's Clues 153. Traded Oni15 to Melissa for Submit02. Reached a new level - Grape. Got Guts03, Luckystars09, Aquaria12, Hamster18 and a brown crayon for reaching a new level - Grape. Traded Tea05 to Ankari for Fulcrum16. Traded Uranus19 to Harukami for Southitaly06.
29 July: Traded 1stchild17 to Fumika for Memorized04. Traded Council09 and Kiss12 to Alma for Drugs17 and Orpheus04. Got Oranges08 from Ankari. Traded Eleventh19 to Nayami for Littlepuppy08. Traded Bell18 to Lily for Sohcahtoa19. Traded Cute10 and Seasalt01 to Dialny for Howl01 and Television07.

1 August: Won Hostile18, Gardener06 and Romaantiqua16 in Quilting 50. Won Thumbsup01 and Foxmagic12 in Pick a Color 76. Won Colony01, Cellphone07, Railgun01 and Nests17 in Pokeradar 154. Won 10join13, Line14, Solo01 and Contests02 in Conan's Clues 154/155. Used Rollout01 and Watergun20 in BotB - Game 1. Won Wakening14, Twili18, Chozo08, Naraku15, Spider11 and Mascot18 in BotB Game 1. Gifted a red crayon to Berri. Traded Miracle09 to Fel for Caution17. Traded 1stchild10 to Trias for Fullmetal12. Traded Ramen16 to Nea for Caution04. Traded Assertive01 to Delitan for Performer12. Traded Mascot18 to Ankari for Izanagi16.
3 August: Traded Dynames03 to Vincent for Stern12. Traded Mako05 to Ten for Origin09. Traded Darkboots02 to Melissa for Isshu16. Traded Connect19 and Earring11 to Jane for Lost20 and Submit19. Traded Hakubaiko16 to Sammich for Anchor05.
4 August: Traded Brave05 to Gabe for Jet06. Traded Twili18 to Mazoku for Math10. Traded Perfect14 to Ankari for Hogyoku19. Traded Mask02 to Silas for Masamune20. Traded Delinquent20 and Sweets15 to Berri for Emotion18 and Scientist08.
5 August: Traded Armored04, Caution15, Curemarch02, Curepassion20, Curiosity09, Halberd11 and Renegade14 to Chikky for Doctor06, Memorized11, Anchor07, Math20, Submit05, Orpheus18 and Television03. Traded Acrobat16 and India08 to Alma for Aquarius06 and Sohcahtoa17. Used Yggdrasil08 in BotB - Game 5. Gifted Eyelashes08 to Silas.
6 August: Traded Dresses10 and Falchion10 to Adeline for Delete17 and German01. Gifted Ragnell14 to Adeline. Used Ultima07 and Necessarius03 in BotB - Game 5. Gifted Nests15 to Silas. Gifted Fish03 to Ankari. Gifted Uguu07 to Adeline. Gifted Nerd04 to Duo. Traded Colony01, Ero-cook15, Performer12, Stapler02/19, Starhealer02 and Warfare04 to Arianne for Daru03, Ember13, Gambling03, Government10, Nonary17, Razorleaf14 and Psybeam17. Won Poor04, Rush20, Japan14, Barriera12 and Dancer18 in BotB - Game 2. Traded Barriera12 to Miles for Sexta10.
8 August: Won Ditzy10 and Author01 in Art Lessons With Rukia 149. Took Jet19, Reiki01/02/04/06/07/08, Gsleague07 and Heartless05/08 from Recycled Art. Gifted First18 to Adeline.
14 August: Won a yellow crayon in BotB Round 8. Won Friendly09, Padlock08 and Anterograde05 in Quilting 51. Won Birthplace03, Hogyoku09 and Dunceney20 in Pick a Color 77. Traded Guild20 and Heal15 to Shannon (U) for Caution12 and Lost11. Won India07 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 157. Traded Devon05, Motherly16 and Ptrd-4111/16 to Fel for Acrophobia14, Myths12, Sakura14 and Sexta05. Traded Stars07 and Survivor16 to Lauren for Hyourinmaru16 and Keyblade05. Gifted Ugly13 to Oni. Traded Sablier08 and Widow18 to Moe for Oranges11 and Labcoat10. Traded Fulcrum16 and Waitress17 to Duo for Innuendos16 and Attractive09. Traded Detective20 and Kidanp10 to Dove for Orpheus03 and Lost19. Traded Domination16, Pure14 and Shirogamon19 to Melissa for Freeshooter19, Otoko04 and Wish05. Traded Curerhythm08 and Curerouge12 to Tot for Halberd03 and Repeat08. Traded Glomp09 and Gynoid03 to Qu-ko for Scooter13 and Sin08. Won Hachiko14 in Go Fish 140.
21 Augusr: Traded Nun20 and Wolfbeil15 to Becca for Disciplinary02 and Four04. Traded Ladiesman18 to Aletha for Channel04. Traded Wisewolf10 to Yana for Bass06. Won Hyourinmaru14, Destruction04 and Fisttype10 in Neku's Music Station 157.
23 August: Traded Exsphere15 and Pomegranate11 to Oni for Redrose09 and Worry15.
24 August: Traded Backlace11 to Eri for Howl14. Traded Fisttype10 to Lily for Selfless15. Traded Eyes09 and Varna05/20 to Harukami for Orbit03, Overanalyze09 and Watergun19. Gifted Futon06 to Berri. Traded a red crayon to Berri for a green crayon. Gifted Trumpet07 to Duo. Traded Ditz10 and Endless12 to Aave for Library04 and Lascivious15. Gifted Uguu07 to Adeline. Gifted Nerd04 to Duo. Used Un-sorcerer17 and Shujin10 in BotB Game 5. Gifted Reactions16 to Berri.
25 August: Traded Heian04 to Johanna for Vampire07. Traded Blessed05 and Uu17 to Berri for Lost05 and Nyan14.
31 August: Traded Grafeisen12 to Berri for Nyan02. Traded Curator18 to Ari for Conquer08.

17 August 2014: Traded Ariadoney17 to Arianne for Guitar18. Traded Adolescent18 to AL for Open01. Traded Gatekeeper18 to Lycoris for Acrophobia09. Traded Almighty16 to Adina for Logical11. Traded Lie17 to Nea for Shapeshift08. Used Eon18, Lizard14 , Timberowl19 and Whirlwind03 at Colors League Game 5. Traded Headmaster12, Swimming07 and Wild19 to Aave for Basketballs13, Television16 and Uncle09.
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ORANGES!!! Hideout timeeee! Are you ready for the shoooow?! Well, this is the place to prepare and plan everything so welp :P now here goes

Team Mikan! Gather here! )
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